Hello fellow business owners! I know how much work, capital, blood, sweat and tears can go into establishing your business in Singapore. After all that time and sacrifice, the last thing you want is for your brand to fade into obscurity; you definitely want your brand to be heard!

Having established our business in Singapore for over a decade, we believe that marketing, in particular social media marketing is key to making your brand stand out. In this article, we will be venturing deeper into the reasons why we think social media marketing is essential for businesses in Singapore.

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Notice any similarities between the image above and your own behaviour? I believe that most of us are no stranger to this familiar sight of lowering our heads, our thumbs moving quickly, scrolling upward on our screens to see the next social media post, and the next one, and the next one.

Now, if you were to look up for a few minutes during your daily commuting journey, you would realise that many people are similarly engrossed in their devices with the usual stance; their heads bowed low with their fingers swiping upward. This just highlights how impactful social media platforms are in Singapore and how useful social media marketing can be for you, as it is able to capture the attention of a larger targeted audience.

The Digital Marketing Cloud

Before we continue, let us clarify that social media marketing is just one of the marketing techniques that fall under the big umbrella of Digital Marketing. Some other types of Digital Marketing include Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile Marketing, among many others. In total, there are 8 types of Digital Marketing techniques. But today, we will just be focusing on social media marketing in Singapore.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service as they serve several purposes. Many know that these platforms can be used for publishing content and running paid advertisements, but did you know that these platforms can also capture and analyze statistics from the content that you published? OH! Do stay tuned to our next article – Decoding Social Media Marketing for Companies: A Singapore Perspective. In this article, we will talk about how you can use these features offered by social media platforms to your advantage!

The Social Marketing Scene in Singapore

We are confident that you are already familiar with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and the bad news is, so are your competitors. Engaging a social media marketing agency in Singapore would be the best way to help you stand out from the competition and make the most out of these social media platforms.

Now, you might question, why choose a Singapore-based social media marketing agency? Hiring a local social media agency enables a better understanding of the local demographics and requirements, allowing them to better tailor content to your targeted audience. At Merry Media, we have marketing executives with the expertise and years of experience who can create effective strategies tailored to specific social media platforms. We understand the importance of crafting customised content for your target audience. Hiring a social media marketing agency can help tailor content based on the Facebook Meta statistics so as to ensure maximum engagement and reach within Singapore.

The Distinguishing Differences of Marketing

Now, Merry Media wants to clarify that we distinguish ourselves from typical sales consultants who simply urge you to opt for social media marketing services. Our approach emphasises gaining understanding of your existing marketing strategies and goals before considering the necessity of social media marketing services.

If you would like to try your hand at social media marketing, you may buzz us for a quote or contact us to discuss your ideas and establish the expectations you have of us as your social media marketing consultant. We are eager to assist you in addressing your immediate concerns and offer the best solution that aligns with your current marketing approach.

Essentiality of Social Media Marketing

After working with our clients from various industries in Singapore, such as the National Arts Council, Mediacorp, Singtel, GSK, Tan Tock Seng, we believe that social media marketing is essential for a variety of reasons, such as:

  1. Wider Audience Reach
  2. Targeted Advertising & its Cost Effectiveness
  3. Brand Building
  4. Gaining Customer Insight
  5. Stronger Competitive Positioning

With that, let us dive into the respective reasons.

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Wider Audience Reach

In Singapore, it is evident that there is a high usage rate of the internet as a reliable network is considered to be a daily necessity. One of the main reasons for the high amount of internet use is because a significant portion of the population actively and constantly uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.This presents an opportunity for your business to flourish and leverage these platforms to enhance your brand’s visibility.

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Targeted Advertising & its Cost Effectiveness

According to statistics provided by an article by Retail in Asia, 53% of customers in Singapore mentioned that they expect companies to understand their needs. Traditional offline marketing approaches, such as questionnaires and surveys, can be more expensive since you will need to hire people to conduct these surveys. On the other hand, social media platforms like Facebook offer features to help define and refine your target audience’s statistics.

You can also keep a lookout for our upcoming article, ‘Decoding Social Media Marketing for Companies: A Singapore edition,’ where we will provide further elaboration on the features available on social media platforms, such as Facebook’s Meta Business Suite, and how you can use them to your advantage. These services are incredibly cost effective as you will only need to pay a nominal fee to these social media platforms and they do the work of identifying specific demographics and potential customers.

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Brand Building:

Drawing from the statistics provided by Retail in Asia, considering the significant influence and impact of social media, posting your company’s information on these platforms can contribute to the development and reinforcement of your company’s brand identity, thus strengthening your brand’s image. Maintaining a consistent branding presence across various social media channels can enhance brand recognition and trust among your target consumers.

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Gaining Customer Insight:

Social media marketing can provide your company with a competitive advantage by enabling you to make more informed business decisions. When posting your company’s visuals on social media platforms such as Instagram, switching your profile to a business account enables you to access post insights, which provide data on the number of likes, comments, saves and profile visits.

You might be wondering what is the significance of those functions and data insights? It is that they allow you to gain a deeper understanding of trends among your followers and evaluate your content’s performance. With this set of data, you can create more relevant, engaging and successful content tailored to your target audience.

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Stronger Competitive Positioning

You can use social media to monitor both your competitors and customers, which offers valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of a competitor’s products or services. Furthermore, it also becomes easier for you to understand your competitors’ value proposition.

Monitoring your positioning with your customers and in comparison to your competitors present an opportunity to further differentiate your brand; to set yourself apart. The accumulation of this data can help to create your performance report which will help you understand and uncover your market gaps. This, in turn, can assist you in drawing out a new marketing strategy to help you stay afloat or rise to the top of this highly competitive industry.

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Social Media Marketing at Merrymedia

With over 10 years of experience, Merry Media believes that social media marketing is able to do it all. Not only is it cost effective, it also offers a myriad of features, including insights, engagement and building of brand awareness. Furthermore, in this digital age, we firmly assert that social media marketing is the key to succeeding and thriving in this dynamic and competitive market. Having said so much, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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