Evelyn is a multi-talented artiste who has hosted several TV programmes on the local kids’ TV station, Okto / Kids Central, since the year 2000. Besides being a TV host, Evelyn is also a professional events emcee, voice-over talent, actress and singer.

Effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, Evelyn has lent her unique voice to numerous TV and radio commercials, programmes, trailers and animations on both English and Chinese platforms in Singapore and Asia. Evelyn is now learning the Korean language to expand her repertoire of languages spoken, which also include dialects such as Teochew and Hokkien. She is able to speak some Japanese and Bahasa Melayu with guidance.

​Known as the host with a “baby-face”, Evelyn is able to take on different roles that either require her to look younger or as her age. With her warm and captivating personality, she continues to charm fans and audiences across all ages.


English, Mandarin and dabbles in Korean