Peizhen is a vocal powerhouse with a bubbly and spunky personality. She has performed at numerous corporate and wedding events, notably staging a solid performance at the F1 Grand Prix stage in Singapore, 2011. Her vast repertoire consists of anything you like (jazz, classics, pop, rock, show tunes, R&B), served with a little stand-up. She is passionate about cosplay, and having a large wardrobe as a singer is a definite plus point!


English Pop, Jazz, Evergreens, Broadway, Ballads

  • PZ (Singer)

  • The Way I Am by John Lye & PZ (Singapore Wedding Singers) - MERRY BEES

  • Valerie (Singapore Wedding Singers) by John & PZ

  • Merry Bees Live Music - PZ & John Lye singing Motown/Popular songs (Singapore Live Band)

  • PZ & John - Love Story, Marry You, Count On Me

  • PZ - Moon River

  • PZ - Rainbow Connection (Kermit The Frog Theme Song)

  • PZ - Lady Gaga Medley

  • PZ - Save The Last Dance (Michael Buble cover)

  • Merry Bees Live Music - PZ sings Sway (Singapore Wedding Singers)

  • Merry Bees Live Music - PZ sings Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (1 Singer + Keyboardist)

  • Merry Bees - PZ performs Can't Help Falling in Love (with keyboardist & cellist)

  • Merry Bees - PZ performs I See The Light (with keyboardist & cellist)

  • Merry Bees - Peizhen performs Fallen

  • Highlights by Hazrul & PeiZhen (feat Turbochicken & keyboardist) - MERRY BEES (Singapore Live Band)