Singer cum Keyboardist

Lisa is a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays the keys, cello, guitar, and bass, on top of her vocal ability. She also has a treasure trove of original compositions that are powerfully lyrical and possess a delicate soul. Lisa is also able to engage the mass audiences with her jovial personality and charisma when she performs on stage, be it when she is in the role of an emcee or singer.

She has sessions and collaborated with several SG artistes such as enec.e, JAWN, KINGS, Esther Lowless, Jaime Wong, Inch Chua, LEW etc, and is on a journey exploring her own sounds.


English Top 40s & Oldies

  • Lisa (Singer cum Keyboardist)

  • Merry Bees - JJ & Lisa performs Isn't She Lovely

  • Merry Bees - JJ & Lisa performs 豆浆油条 ( Dou Jiang You Tiao)

  • Merry Bees Live Music - One Moment In Time (Whitney Houston cover)

  • Merry Bees Live Music - In Common (Alicia Keys cover)

  • Merry Bees - Lisa & John Lye emceeing in English & Bahasa Indonesia

  • John Lye & Lisa performs Overjoyed *Merry Bees*

  • Time After Time by Lisa & John Lye (feat Turbochicken & Fabian) *Merry Bees*

  • September by John Lye & Lisa (feat Turbochicken & Fabian) *Merry Bees*

  • Overjoyed by John Lye & Lisa (feat Turbochicken & Fabian) *Merry Bees*

  • Cintaku by John Lye (feat Lisa, Turbochicken & Fabian) *Merry Bees*