Kelly was a finalist and the Most Popular contestant during the Radio 1003 Fight Club DJ Hunt 2007, and went on to co-host the station’s weekend radio shows for two years, charming audiences with her positive outlook and witty personality.
​That was the spark that ignited her burgeoning passion for hosting, which has since taken her on stints spanning a wide range of industries and event types.
​Besides a B.A. in Mass Communications,  Kelly possesses a Diploma in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and is also a talented Chinese lyricist whose published works include Stefanie Sun’s “Rainbow Bot” /孙燕姿-《彩虹金刚》and Pets Tseng ‘s “What’s Past Is Past”/  曾沛慈-《坦然.》
​Having worked in the public, private and non-profit sector, Kelly is well-exposed to events of different nature and highly sought-after as a bilingual emcee for weddings, events and roadshows.
Happily married since2013,she believes that every wedding should be as uniquely different as the love story behind it. Shetakes great effort to get to know every couple, understanding their individual characteristics and relationship quirks, so as to weave them into a memorable wedding.
Her keen sense of timing and ability to grasp key points of interest, coupled with her strong language skills to communicate with panache, always makes her stage presence felt to deliver concise messages.
Whether she is introducing the couple, engaging the children or chatting with the elderly guests, with her quick wit and spontaneity, Kelly easily connects with different audiences of various backgrounds.
She adapts her hosting style to suit the occasion and audience, which is testimony to her growing hosting portfolio for a wide range of event types.
A hard worker with a vivacious spirit, her fun-loving personality is always evident on and off stage.
​A sentimental soul with a zest for life, Kelly truly seeks to ensure that your guests remember your wedding with “warm fuzzy feelings” , peppered with laughter and genuine blessings.