Juni is no stranger to the media spotlight. With his vocal band, MICappella, they have conquered Shenzhen in a reality TV competition in 2012, beating scores of other groups to clinch runners-up.
Returning home proud, the group released their first album and made history by being the only vocal band to win an award at the Singapore Hit Awards 2013. He is a vocalist, theatre-practitioner, choreographer, voiceover talent and bilingual emcee. I dentifying most strongly as a vocalist, his strengths lie in live performance and his natural charisma shines through his soaring vocals, a result of 4 years of theatre training from the National University of Singapore, and many more years of performing experience.

  • Juni (Singer)

  • Juni sings When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars cover)

  • Merry Bees Live Music - Juni & Alicia sings Hai Kuo Tian Kong 海阔天空 by Beyond

  • Merry Bees - Singing Duo (Juni & Alicia) performs a mandarin duet