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Singapore is well known as the emerging and prominent business hub with its multitude of prospects for business opportunities. But have you ever wondered what are the driving factors that make people say that Singapore is an emerging business hub? Through this article we will explore this question.

Locally renowned brands in Singapore

If you have lived in Singapore and made your rounds around shopping malls or even just the internet, you may have come across renowned brands such as Razer, Tik Tok, Beyond The Vines, Charles & Keith and TWG Tea. These local / Singaporean-owned brands span industries of Technology, Fashion and Food & Beverage. Considering these global impact brands originate from Singapore, does it evoke a sense of patriotism and inspiration within you? Certainly, we find ourselves more inspired and optimistic! In the past, there were misconceptions that Singapore was primarily perceived as an engineering hub, and if one didn’t excel in mathematical or scientific subjects, success may not be attainable. We challenge this misconception! Witness how the demographics have evolved in recent years!

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Social Media Marketing – Double edged sword

As we mentioned in our past article – How to boost your brand with Social Media Marketing in Singapore, social media marketing for companies in Singapore can be a double-edged sword. Unlike many other consultants who may solely highlight the positives of social media marketing in Singapore to promote their services, we believe in transparency and providing only appropriate marketing strategies in Singapore for your business’ success and growth. Working in the industry for a decade and having opportunities to work with esteemed clients, we have witnessed how social media marketing can be used for your benefit and at the same time add to your detriment. It’s crucial to learn how to navigate these 2 contrasting aspects. Let us delve into the 2 contrasting sides! 

Social media offers businesses an incredible opportunity to connect with their customers on a more personal and engaging level. Tapping on those features allow us to share content, engage with comments and respond to customer inquiries that helps businesses to build relationships and earn customer’s loyalty. 

However, having features that allows customers to openly state their opinions can also mean that one ill-timed post can quickly spiral out of control and in turn damage a brand’s reputation if not addressed appropriately. Sounds scary doesn’t it? However, that is the worst case scenario if mistakes are not addressed appropriately. 

With Merrymedia, you would not need to worry as our seasoned team excels in implementing strategies to transform negative feedback into positive outcomes, turning them into opportunities for growth. 

Understanding factors that boost social media marketing in Singapore

I believe that we have a basic understanding of how social media marketing looks in a developed and tech-savvy country like Singapore. However, have you ever delved deeply into understanding the specific factors that contribute to its effectiveness? We will take a closer look at the following: 

  1. High Internet Penetration and Tech Adoption
  2. Targeted Advertising 
  3. Customer Engagement
  4. Content Marketing

But before we do that, let us take a look at the timeline of Beyond The Vines! 

Looking at the timeline, we can definitely say that the success and popularity that Beyond The Vines got today definitely wasn’t overnight! We would also like to stress that our reference to Beyond The Vines is solely intended for case study purpose, no offence is intended.  

Some of you might be aware of the backlash that Beyond The Vines received and, to briefly sum it up, the controversy started when the co-founder Daniel Chew was requested by fans regarding his opinions about the Israel-Hamas war. In response, co-founder Rebecca Ting then re-addressed it on Instagram live which sparked more debate by a community of Singaporeans. For more information, you may refer to the news article written by Hazeeq Sukri and released by CNA, Lifestyle. Circling back to what we mentioned earlier about Social Media Marketing in Singapore being a double edged sword, we see how their use of their social media platform, which usually helps establish their positive brand identity actually caused controversy instead.

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High Internet Penetration and Tech Adoption

Beyond The Vines still continues to be a popular brand and has an added competitive advantage by establishing its business in Singapore! This is because Singapore has one of the highest penetration rates globally and through their use of social media platforms allows them to reach out to a foreign audience. 

Targeted Advertising

In one of our previous Social Media Marketing articles, we decoded social media marketing strategies for companies in Singapore. Throughout the article, we delved into the features offered by Facebook Meta Suite and Instagram. It became evident that these social media platforms provide robust advertising tools, enabling companies to target specific demographics and interests. 

You might be thinkinging, “I vaguely understand the importance of tailoring content to my targeted audience, but how exactly does this benefit my business?” The answer lies in precision targeting, ensuring that your brand’s message reaches the right audience and significantly enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. On top of everything mentioned, leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook Meta Business and Instagram comes at no cost!

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Customer Engagement

Once again, if we were to refer to our case study – Beyond The Vines – you will realize that they often go on live streams, in particular Instagram Live, to showcase their new launches. Tapping on social media’s live streaming platform helps you to have direct interaction with your targeted audience. In our opinion, this is actually the best time to gauge and review your past and on-going marketing efforts in Singapore. To put it simply, the number of people who join your live stream serves as a gauge on how big your customer base is. 

Furthermore, it can open a discussion among your fans and create wide-spread discourse about your products and services. Live streams are a great way to better understand your fans. As it happens online, fans will usually be more direct about their opinions and inquisitive about the products being introduced. Leveraging this application is a good opportunity for you to build a rapport with your fans, address their concerns, and showcase the human side of your brand. 

Content Marketing

Onto the last factor, social media such as Facebook Meta Business and Instagram provide comprehensive analytics tools that allows us to track the performance of your campaigns; we can analyze metrics such as engagement, reach and conversion rates. These metrics will help you to refine your marketing strategy for better results. 

We believe that it is important to constantly review your marketing content and your brand positioning in this competitive industry as there will definitely be new and upcoming brands who offer similar products or services. Using the data that you received from these social media platforms will have you create posts, reels and live stream scripts that more accurately cater to your clientele’s needs and wants. 

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