Lighting is paramount in any event – be it indoors or outdoors – serving as an important component of event planning. It has the power to transform and elevate any moment at events with dazzling, expertly crafted visual experiences.

Moreover, it helps to ensure a seamless and impactful event by bringing life, colour to it and captivating its audience.

Every event is unique, characterised by a particular theme or occasion. As such, different types of lighting would be needed to cater to a specific event’s theme and design. Need help navigating event lighting rental in Singapore? Here are several key considerations you can take to ensure you find the most ideal event lighting rental to illuminate and make your event a successful one:

  • Determine the event requirements and lighting needs so as to pick the most suitable lighting equipment for your event
  • Picking highly renowned rental companies to ensure the smooth running of your event
  • Consulting with lighting experts
  • Affordability and pricing effectively spend your event’s budget
  • Coordinate event logistics and technical support

Determine the Event Requirements and Lighting Needs

Assessing the type and scale of your event is pivotal, so as to determine the specific lighting requirements that would best suit it. In other words, it is crucial to consider the venue size, event type (e.g., wedding, corporate event, dinner and dance event, festival), and the desired ambience.

This will help you decide on the types and quantities of lighting fixtures needed, such as spotlights, uplights, or stage lighting. Merry Media offers various lighting options, be it basic or complex. Basic installations include bedazzling event lighting, LED wall fixtures and projectors. Our event lighting lights up your occasion with mesmerising vibrant colours and our state-of-the-art LED monitors help deliver crystal-clear visuals and content.

Our vast selection of event lighting rental equipment does not just end there. Additionally, our lighting technology comprises intelligent fixtures to lasers, UV lights, spotlights, dynamic effects, red carpet tunnel, giant LED Lettering Rentals, LED Cube Displays (with branding) and neon signs.

The Red Carpet Tunnel features a 8ft x 8ft walk-through that can be decorated with your organisation’s logo and sponsor branding. It includes AI cutout carpentry to light up the boxes, making it a great way to welcome your guests on a red carpet.

In addition, neon signs are highly customisable and creative.

Above pictures include 4ft high letterings and LED Cube Displays with branding.

Selecting Highly Renowned Rental Companies

After determining the type of lighting you would need for your event, it is time to pick a reputable company to collaborate with and bring the vision of your event to life.

Lighting and sound work go hand in hand to bring an event to life. At Merry Media, we have spent a decade cultivating expertise and experience, so why not dive into a world of sensory excellence with our audiovisual services in Singapore? Immerse your events in crystal-clear sound, stunning visuals, and cutting-edge technology.

Whether you need basic stage lighting or complex customised LED lighting designs, our rental packages and professional lighting technicians enable us to provide the best event lighting solutions to realise your creative vision and set the perfect mood.

Consulting with Lighting Experts

The next step after selecting an established event lighting rental company with positive reviews and a proven track record would be to consult with lighting experts. Lucky for you Merry Media will assist with this, from the initial concept to flawless execution, we are your one-stop partner for event lighting in Singapore.

Our team of experts collaborate with you closely to understand your event’s visions and goals and design a custom lighting scheme to enhance your venue. They are highly competent and can provide valuable insights and recommendations on the best lighting solutions, including the latest technologies and trends in event lighting.

Affordability and Pricing

A big consideration one has to take would include the costs of event lighting rental for their event. At Merry Media, the ambience you desire doesn’t have to come at a high price. We provide affordable services, such as cost-effective live band prices and many more.

Our event lighting rental packages are designed to be flexible and budget-friendly (while providing quality service!) with competitive rates for different event sizes, lighting looks and technical requirements. Buzz us to discuss your upcoming event in Singapore and lighting vision and we will put together a customisable package that makes economic sense for you. Through our professional, affordable lighting rental backed by our years of expertise we can help bring your event to light by bringing light to your event.

Coordinate Event Logistics and Technical Support

Every event has a set of logistics to be settled, lighting included. On the day itself, we handle the complete setup, operation and dismantling of the lighting equipment and systems. Our technicians remain on-site to manage any lighting adjustments and ensure optimal performance or handle any potential issues. We make it easy for you to illuminate any event space, whether it’s an auditorium stage, hotel ballroom, convention hall, outdoor tents or even a whole field.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us for event lighting rental services for your next event, and watch us transform the space with dazzling lights and visuals to enrapture your guests!

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Merry Media has been in the industry for over a decade, working with clients from different industries and acquiring knowledge as we provide the solutions our clients need.

At Merry Media we also offer services other than event lighting rental.

Other services include: event planning and event management services, event sound system rental, event backdrop services, social media marketing, 3D video animation, video production, video services, event photography, audiovisual production, livestream services, other corporate event solutions as we act as a Singapore event organiser.

The list of talents we provide include: emcees for events (corporate event emcees, wedding emcees or dinner and dance emcees), live bands (contact us for live band pricing!), DJs, strings ensemble, event models for hire and brand ambassadors. We believe that all of these services intertwine with each other to provide a well-rounded, holistic experience for our clients.

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