Return of Investment, also known as ROI, is a key component related to business investments and helps to measure how well they have performed. In simple terms, ROI is the revenue directly driven by your marketing efforts, minus the money you spent on social media marketing and any other marketing.

Wondering how to measure the ROI of corporate video production in Singapore? Here are the 5 key steps:

  • Maintaining and keeping track of viewership metrics to ensure your social media marketing content posted is performing well
  • Monitor the number of leads generated through video-related call-to-actions (CTAs) to keep track of your social media marketing effectiveness
  • Measure the impact of your product sales (through video) by analysing changes in sales figures
  • Observe the costs saved with the use of video for social media marketing
  • Conduct surveys and brand recall studies before and after the video campaign to assess improvements in brand

Viewership Metrics

Track the number of views, watch time, and other engagement rates (likes, comments, shares) on various platforms (YouTube, social media platforms, company website) to gauge the success of your social media marketing and other marketing efforts as well as the audience’s reach and interest.

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The primary goal of social media marketing for companies includes achieving the widest reach and engagement from a social media audience as possible.

A great way to stand out from other companies with regards corporate video services is to study your company’s competitors. Observe the type of social media marketing videos they put out, such as organic content or ads, to keep track of the latest trends.

Lead Generation

Monitor the number of leads generated through video-related calls-to-action (CTAs), such as contact forms, email sign-ups, and landing page visits linked from the video.

Regarding social media marketing for companies and brands, it is important that the content put out has high lead generation. Conversion rates refer to the people who view your social media marketing post and actually follow through to the website to hire your services or purchase your products. Hence, it is pivotal to produce a corporate video that is eye-catching and unique in order to captivate the attention of the audience to drive leads and conversion rates.

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Sales Impact

The best way to measure the impact of your product sales is to analyse changes in sales figures. This then has to be compared to the conversion rates that can be attributed to the social media marketing video campaign. This includes tracking specific sales promotions or product launches featured in the video.

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Cost Savings

Compare the cost of the video production to other social media marketing or training methods to see if the video reduces expenses (e.g., fewer in-person training sessions needed if the video is used for onboarding).

Initially, it may seem more convenient to rely on in-house video services of current employees. However, in the long-run, a video production company’s services will be more valuable and affordable due to attractive packages offered.

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Here in Merry Media we offer affordable social media marketing for companies – allowing you to ease the extra burden of having to check your video statistics and metrics (as well as categories like scheduling, engagement, listening, and monitoring)

Brand Awareness and Recall

Conduct surveys and brand recall studies before and after the video campaign to assess improvements in brand recognition, customer perception, and overall market presence.

Video production and social media marketing for companies varies from brand to brand. With regards to corporate video production in Singapore, it is important to maintain a professional image while still being casual and cordial. This balance might be difficult to gauge by simply asking people within your organisation – hence it is advisable for one to conduct surveys in order to produce the most appropriate video.

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These points help determine whether the investment in corporate video production yields positive returns in terms of engagement, sales, cost-efficiency, and brand strength.

Essentially, any type of social media marketing service, such as corporate video production, needs to be efficient. Video services such as creating content for social media marketing can be a daunting and hard task for a novice to handle. That is why many corporations choose to engage a corporate video production company to aid them.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and allow us to help you measure the ROI of your corporate video production!

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