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Give your guests an unforgettable experience with live band performances from our roster of talented Singapore wedding singers and musicians. We provide live music entertainment for corporate events, gala dinners, and wedding celebrations. Our live bands showcase impressive versatility across genres like pop, rock, jazz to get everyone dancing. Let us enhance your big day with our stellar sound system, dazzling stage energy, and musical mastery.

We'll Match You with the Perfect Band for Your Vision

With our expertise and extensive network, we’ll connect you to the ideal live band for your wedding theme and vibe. Tell us your music preferences and we’ll suggest options – duos for intimate occasions or larger bands to bring the house down. We specifically select bands whose music quality, repertoire and professionalism will impress so your big day shines. Our seamless process makes booking live music entertainment easy.

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Singing Duo (2.5 pc Band)

2-persons band consisting of 2 lead vocals and 1 instrument and live looping, some say they function like a three to four person band.

Multi Duo
(2.75 pc Band)

2-persons band consisting of 2 lead vocals and 2 instruments, some say they function like a four person band.

Power Duo
(2.95 pc Band)

2-persons band with 2 lead vocals and up to 4 instruments that is powered by a female singer keyboardist, guitar and live looping skills to the music.

Dynamic Duo (2.95 pc Band)

2-persons band consisting of ShiLi who sings and plays the SPD paired with Adi’s split bass and piano sounds and kick drum stomps, this highly reviewed & stellar duo can strip down an R&B duet with their lush vocals or supercharge their performance to a high energy dance set.

The Solid Solos

Merry Bees offers a spectrum of musical talent, ranging from versatile virtuosos to one-man-bands. Our singer-instrumentalist soloists embody the epitome of multi-faceted artistry, seamlessly combining vocal prowess with instrumental proficiency.

These all-in-one artistes are adept at not only delivering captivating vocal performances.

Whether it’s the soulful serenade of a singer strumming a guitar or the dynamic energy of a musician harmonizing with their vocals, our soloists bring a unique and personalized touch to every performance.

Give Us A Buzz!

Solo (1.5 pc Band)

1 lead vocals + 1 instrument. Ideal for intimate settings or events where a solo artist can captivate the audience with their talent and personal touch.

Solo (1.75 pc Band)

1 lead vocals + 1 instrument with live looping. The solo artist’s capability to deliver a complete and well-rounded musical performance, seamlessly blending vocals and instrumental accompaniment.

Song Selections to Captivate Every Crowd

Our versatile live wedding bands each have an extensive repertoire covering hits across eras and genres. Their song selection ranges from jazz standards, timeless love songs, and retro hits to current chart-toppers. They even compose original pieces if you desire unique wedding music. With the ability to tailor their sets, our talented bands will play music sure to delight your guests and let them experience live music at its best!

Merry Trio
(3.5 pc Band)

3-persons band | 2 lead vocals | 2 instruments

Merry Trio+
(3.75 pc Band)

3-persons band | 2 lead vocals | 2 instruments | live looping

(4.5 pc Band)

4-persons band | 2 lead vocals | 3 instruments with percussion

(4.95 pc Band)

4-persons band | 2 lead vocals | 4 instruments with drumset

(5.75 pc Band)

5-persons band | 2 lead vocals | 4 instruments with youtube star percussionist, Turbochicken.

Party Band
(5.95 pc Band)

5-persons band | 2 lead vocals | 4 instruments with full drum set. Our dynamic party band consist of 3 lead vocalist fronted by John Lye, ShiLi & Adi

Live Band Prices in Singapore

The cost of booking a live wedding band or live music performance in Singapore varies based on the band size, experience level, and occasion date. We offer options to fit every budget – our rates start from S$499 for a 1 piece duo band on regular days, with additional charges applicable for larger bands, peak dates/holidays, and customized songs. All prices are subject to prevailing GST.

Get in touch with us to discuss your Singapore music scene preferences, event details and budget. We’ll recommend live bands with the perfect music genres, repertoire and pricing to bring your wedding or corporate event to life!

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