Are you often caught scrolling through social media or online shopping late at night, trying to catch up on missed personal time and leisure activities? We often assume we have limited phone access on weekdays, but little do we realize that we spend a significant time on our phones at night. There is actually an explanation and a term for this phenomenon.

Did you know that in Singapore, many of us fall into the trap of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination? Due to our busy lifestyles, at least 8 hours are strictly dedicated to work from Monday to Friday and whatever little time we have left that we should be using for our family and friends, ends up being used on our phones. Shockingly, or not to some, most of us end up spending 3 hours or more on our phones during our precious bedtime. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It sounds incredibly familiar to me too. With that being said, have you ever wondered what people use on their phones?  

According to the statistics provided by Media buzz SG, Singaporeans spend an average of about 150 minutes every day scrolling on social media platforms. Furthermore, it is observed that Singaporeans spend an average of 42 minutes per week watching videos. Upon further breaking down that 42 minutes of watching videos (100%), we see that more than half (58%), watch live streaming videos, while the remaining time is dedicated to TV shows and movies.

Live Streaming videos

If you are still thinking if you should try live streaming videos, we sincerely hope that the statistics above have convinced you to say yes to live streaming and video production services! 

In order to build a relationship between your brand and your customers, it is necessary to understand trends and integrate them into your video! Having said that, it is also incredibly important to remember to not blindly follow trends, but instead carefully pick out trends through copious amounts of research through your video production process and use them accordingly in your video. At Merry Media, we use our 10 years of industry and video production experience to seek out the current and popular live streaming trends in Singapore. But before we spill the tea, let us introduce ourselves. 

Merry Media offers a comprehensive variety of services designed to bring your brand to life! Whether you are planning an Event, and coincidentally need dinner and dance emcees, launching a new product, or offering a sneak peak behind the scenes of your business, we excel at transforming ordinary live streams into captivating, interactive experiences that resonate with your target audience. Think of us as your dedicated partner throughout the entire video production process. 

We not only source talented video production professionals tailored to your needs but also provide top-notch interactive features. Most importantly, we provide personalized support as we understand the human side of business. For business owners like yourself, all it takes is a connection with us to witness the growth of your brand. 


Social Media Marketing trends:

Now back to the trends that you might want to consider:

Live Streaming for E-Commerce: 

I am sure that most of us are familiar with features such as Instagram Live and Shopee live, some of us have even clicked in to watch the live videos before making purchases. This is what’s known as E-Commerce. It simply means buying or selling products through online services. Tapping into the 58% of people who watch live streaming videos, a simple click on the call-to-action icon will immediately direct customers to the transaction page. This fast and easy process entices customers to purchase and encourages repeat business. Furthermore, many brick-and mortar retail owners are also embracing live streams. This dispels the myth of only lesser-known brand names hopping onto the live streaming bandwagon!

Interactive content: 

Through our research we have realized that Singapore audiences enjoy interactive content. This refers to any stream that adds interactive features such as live polls, Q&A sessions, real-time comments. These interactive features increase viewer engagement which is great for your brand and create a more immersive experience. Having been in the video production industry for 9 years creating projects for Social Media platforms, Social Media Marketing Singapore companies, Event Planning Singapore and Events Management Services Singapore, we highly recommend interactive features. 

Event Planning in Singapore: 

As all of us adapted to living with the impending doom of a constantly mutating virus during the pandemic, businesses have embraced the concept of hosting online Events or hybrid Events. Due to imposed restrictions on physical gatherings during the pandemic, many business owners turned to a video production company who catered for both video production and live streaming of their events, conferences, webinars and workshops. 

As regulations were set by the World Health Organization (WHO) during the pandemic, Singapore businesses learned to discover a silver lining amid it all. We came to realize that live streaming not only reduces costs but also provides a global reach, ending up being more of a pro than a con in the end. 

Mobile Live Streaming: 

Do you realize that you have been spending more time on phones and tablets compared to larger screens like your monitor, laptop or TV? Don’t worry, you are not alone as research shows that the ways people use their devices have shifted as compared to the past. Smaller portable screens have become more commonplace than their larger counterparts, allowing us to constantly have access to perform “quick glances” to social media and streaming platforms

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Merry Media has been in the industry for over a decade, working with clients from different industries and acquiring knowledge as we provide the solutions our clients need.

At Merry Media we also offer services other than video services.

Other services include: event planning and event management services, event sound system rental, event lighting rental, event backdrop services, social media marketing for companies, 3D video animation, video production, audiovisual production, event photography, livestream services, other corporate event solutions as we act as a Singapore event organiser.

The list of talents we provide include: emcee for events (corporate event emcees, wedding emcees or dinner and dance emcees), live bands (contact us for live band prices!), DJs, strings ensemble, event models for hire and brand ambassadors. We believe that all of these services intertwine with each other to provide a well-rounded, holistic experience for our clients.

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