Having an intimate wedding event? You might consider a small band serenading the crowd with acoustics and stripped-down vocals of sweet and soothing love songs.

Or perhaps you are thinking of having a corporate, formal dinner event? You might want a highly versatile live band that can deliver electrifying energy and great vibes on stage, performing songs from different genres such as R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop to Jazz.

With that said, every event is unique, characterised by a specific theme, occasion and goal which means there are specific live bands that work for specific events. Musical arrangements are a big part of event planning. As such, arranging for a live band involves a few important steps to ensure that everything runs seamlessly and meets the expectation of the audience. At the same time, the chosen live band should be in accordance with the theme of the event and seek to further enhance the ambience of the event space.

Here are the main steps you should take to configure a live band for your event:

  • Determine the event requirements and audience preference
  • Select and book the right band
  • Arrangement of technical requirements, rental and equipment
  • Plan the set up and conduct sound check
  • Coordinate event logistics and schedule

Determine the Event Requirements and Audience Preference

Before arranging a live band to perform at your event, think about what kind of event you will be hosting. Is it formal or informal? Is it a wedding event? A corporate event? A festival?

Additionally, it is important to get some insight on the demographics of the audience and the latest hits on the radio and in the music industry.

If the majority of the audience belong to an older generation, a live band specialised in performing music from the 70s to 90s would be most appropriate. Music genres that were prevalent in the late 20th century include disco, funk, soul rock, rap, R&B, smooth jazz and jazz fusion. Examples of our bands that cater to these specific genres in Merry Media include the Merry Bands, Trios-Hubba Bubas, Honey Bands and John Lye Trio. (Not to mention, John Lye is an emcee for events as well!)

Assessment of the type of event you will be having, as well as understanding audience preferences and keeping their likes and dislikes in mind can help you pick a live band that delivers the most appropriate genre and style of music that will be the most pleasing and enjoyable for your guests.

Select and Book the Most Suitable Band

Once you have determined and liaised with the event organisers regarding the vision and theme of your event, it is time to research and shortlist bands that specialise in the desired music genres respectively.

Merry Media’s expertise and experience allows us to connect you to the ideal live band for your event and vibe. We will suggest options according to your music preferences, customise and specifically select bands whose music quality, repertoire and professionalism will impress and meet the expectations of your event. Through the tailored packages our live bands offer, you have the option to instruct the band to perform only songs of your choice or open it to dedications from event attendees allowing your guests to create their own musical journey.

Live interaction and engagement is pivotal in sustaining the attention of guests. That is why apart from selecting a musically talented band, one must consider their knack for engaging and charming the crowd.

Our bands from Merry Media interact with the audience through song dedication cards, where guests can write well wishes and messages that our singers will be reading throughout the night while entertaining them with their favourite songs. Moreover, special acts are possible – we will go to great lengths to express your creative vision!

Then the next thing to do will be to check for the band’s availability for the event date and come to a consensus after negotiating the terms involved which include performance duration, setlists and the live band price.

Arrangement of Technical Requirements, Rental and Equipment

The next step after selecting the most ideal band for your event would be to make the necessary arrangements for the video, lights, and sound team to support it.

Coordination needs to be made with the event venue to understand the technical specifications such as stage size, power supply, and acoustics. This step might seem overwhelming for many but not to fret as you are in luck, for Merry Media is a bonafide production house that caters to ALL three of these services – light, sound and video.

From intimate corporate receptions to large events like music festivals and corporate dinner and dance events, rely on us for the best sound system and speaker rentals in Singapore. Merry Media provides sound system rental and our vast inventory of high-quality sound gear from renowned brands enables us to deliver superior sound quality for any event. We provide complete professional sound systems and PA with mics, mixers, amps tailored to venue size. Our experienced sound technicians ensure seamless setup, operation and tear-down of the full audio system and speakers for rent.

Moreover, if you wish to record the live band performance, opt for an add-on with our professional video team to capture this experience for you!

Plan the Setup and Conduct Sound Checks

Once technical requirements, rental and equipment have been settled, it is time to set a date to listen to them prior to the commencement of the event. Schedule the band’s arrival and setup time well before the event starts to allow for a thorough sound check and any necessary adjustments.

Our experts survey your venue to determine optimal speaker placement and equipment for low interference and best sound quality. On event day, we oversee timely setup, manage the portable sound mixer and provide an on-site sound technician to ensure the system performs perfectly for your wedding, corporate gathering, private celebration and other event types. All in all, you will be able to depend on us for the clearest speeches and music and superior A/V experience.

Additionally, verify and ensure that the band has enough time to familiarise themselves with the stage layout and ensure optimal sound quality.

Coordinate Event Logistics and Schedule

Every event has a set of logistics to be settled. It begins with working closely with the event planner to integrate the band’s performance into the event schedule (this includes the breaks and transitions) as this is the most essential part of the logistics. Moreover, it is necessary to provide the band with a detailed itinerary, including their performance times, any special announcements, and cues for starting or stopping their sets.

Under Merry Media, we can arrange to have each live band engagement to come with a dedicated event manager who works as an on-site coordinator to ensure everything runs smoothly before and during your event.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to get a quote for a band to play your envisioned live performance music and bring your event to life!

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