How 3D Video Animation is changing the face of marketing in Singapore?

Crafting a company’s Brand can be elevated through creating a video depicting your Brand’s story. Much like a company’s values, mission, culture, and unique selling points are shaped through its documented experiences, our team approaches video production with a similar mindset. We begin by comprehending your intended audience, seamlessly integrating them into the brand narrative, and transforming these elements into videos that are viewed on people’s mobile devices and laptops. Through the use of our video production expertise, these visual narratives will be the legacy of your Brand, almost acting like the reflection of your Brand’s memories.

Spare a few seconds of your time to glance at the 2 advertisements above and, just out of curiosity, which one caught your attention? 

If it’s the burger ad, you’re probably incredibly hungry and hopefully you can get a bite soon. If it’s the super realistic giant 3D cat on the left that can be found in Japan, you are just a drop in the ocean of this cat’s thriving fan base. Imagine walking through the bustling streets of Tokyo and looking up to see a gigantic cat strutting above the sidewalk, licking its paws and meowing while also seeming like it could jump out of the screen and onto you at any moment. 

Just in case you cannot tell which one’s my favorite *me screaming internally* the cat is way too cute for me to handle! 


2D Video Animation vs 3D Video Animation 

Did you know that both the advertisements at the top of the article incorporate the use of animation? The only difference lies in the type of animation – 2D or 3D. In 2D animation, characters and objects are created and manipulated on a two-dimensional plane, hence the name 2D. This can be seen with the advertisement on the right, there is only width and height but no depth. On the other hand, the cat animation that is created using 3D Video Animation has width, height and depth, allowing for a more realistic and immersive experience! 

Marketing Techniques in The Digital Age 

As we live through the current digital age in Singapore, we are evolving to be more visual people. Marketing techniques have also shifted as we enter the current digital era. There are statistics that show approximately 65% of Singapore’s population are visual learners and they best remember through visual communication. 

Marketing in a highly competitive market like Singapore forces companies to establish a brand identity that is able to stand out from the rest. This might resonate with you if you have constantly tried to create a memorable brand by creating unique services or products. In order to rise above the rest of the competition it would be wise to use 3D Video Animation to capture people’s attention as it taps into the fact that more than half of our population are visual learners. 

Costs of 3D Video Animation

Now, you might be thinking, is the high cost really worth it to advertise my 3D Video Animation advertisements on billboards? This is a valid question, it is true that 3D Video Animations yield higher costs, but the profits earned back will definitely be beneficial for your business in the long run.

Having said that, we do have one way in mind that we think might be able to help you save on costs as we have done a fair amount of research on ways engaging a video production company that does video production and 3D Video Animation services can be a way to help you save cost.

Intended Messages of Ads

Ultimately the important part of advertisements is to share a message, whether it be about the latest promotions, services or products a business has to offer. In order to explain this further let us take a look at the ads by Deliveroo and Meta Quest 2 as both use traditional video production and 3D Video Animation together, and they do it perfectly. 

The respective messages of the video can be found below. But, before we reveal the message for you, it would be good if you try to interpret the intended message for the 2 videos. 

Deliveroo“Food. We get it”

Intended targeted message: Notify prospective customers about the diverse food selection available on their platform. Regardless of your location, your option can be delivered right to your door, ensuring your cravings are promptly satisfied.

Meta Reality Lab – Meta Quest 2

Intended targeted message: Advertise the Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality headset, emphasizing its ability to offer an immersive experience for its users.

These two ads prove that both traditional video production and 3D Video Animation work perfectly hand in hand; the 3D video animation elevates the traditional video medium. It is important that the video production company you partner with is skilled in delivering impactful visual narratives, so that when 3D animations are added, they look seamless and enhance the original shots taken. 

Overcoming a Brand’s challenges through 3D Video Animation

Whatever challenges your brand is facing, here are some reasons why we think that 3D Video Animation can assist your ads’ style and boost engagement with your brand in the Singapore market and beyond. 

The Challenges of Creating Engagement: 

Building up a business in Singapore can be challenging at the start especially in such a competitive sector such as marketing and when it comes to establishing a brand presence, it can pose as even more of a challenge. However, with 3D Video Animation, you can make your marketing content stand out, attracting more viewers and encouraging them to understand the ads’ intended message further. 

3D Animation Softwares for Marketing:

3D Video Animation software offers features such as advanced rigging (Skeleton structure) and lighting. Additionally, 3D Video Animation software supports a wider range of file types. You might be wondering if there is a one-size-fits-all file format but, for better or for worse, there isn’t. However, there are neutral formats like FBX, OBJ, STL and 3DS. These formats can be used across a variety of softwares, specifically 3D video animation software. We strongly encourage conducting further in-depth research with your clients, marketing team or video production company before rendering and finalizing your 3D model.

We understand that Animating is a long process and it can be time consuming to go back and forth. So, we conducted a thorough research and compiled a few popular softwares – that cater to marketing designers and include techniques such as modelling, texturing, rigging, animating, and visual effects – in the table below.  Do bear in mind that these 3D animation softwares, similar to other video animation softwares, have their advantages and disadvantages. 



Autodesk 3ds Max

  • A variety of tools offered.
  • A higher cost.
  • More challenging learning experience.


  • No cost involved.
  • The software is open source, allowing modifications to the code.
  • A wide range of tools offered.
  • Does not provide customer service support. 
  • More challenging learning experience.


  • Has a procedural animation system, that aids usability to handle animation tools.
  • Lack expertise in 3D Modelling and Character Animation tools.

We sincerely hope that the table above helps to streamline your 3D Video Animation journey! 

Apart from enhanced engagement being one of the reasons why 3D Video Animation will dominate the marketing industry, there are also other reasons such as Interactive Storytelling, Global Appeal. 

Interactive Storytelling and Appeal: 

Many marketers struggle to establish a connection between upper-funnel marketing and lower- funnel marketing. In summary, upper funnel marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid social media posts, content marketing (Blogs and videos) are meant to create brand awareness, interest and curiosity among your target audience. On the other hand, lower-funnel marketing should engage potential customers who are aware of your brand, recognize an issue they need to solve, and are conducting research to decide whether to buy from you or your competitors. We believe that ad videos with 3D animation will play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between upper-funnel marketing and lower-funnel marketing. 

The visuals and intended message of your ads coming to life can help users to actively engage with the content enhancing the overall user experience of the product to create a stronger connection between your brand and target audience. As your ad or video increases your brand awareness, you will be able to establish a place for yourself in the highly competitive industry, allowing your brand to be under your potential customer’s research. 

Living in a digitally savvy era, there is also a chance where members of the public will tap onto your social media accounts to watch your 3D animated video and interact with it, be it through reposting, sharing or liking it. The reposting can be done by anyone and is not limited to users in Singapore. It would be smart for your brand to tap on this source of free marketing because this also means that you will be able to save costs on other traditional upper funnel marketing strategies such as paid social media posts! Yay! 

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