Events take place everyday, all around the world. They are roughly approached in the same manner, be it locally or internationally. However, there are some minor, unique elements with regards to the state of event management services in our tiny red dot.

Interested in the condition of event management services in Singapore? Keep reading to find out more!

Here are 5 key points highlighting the state of event management services provided by a Singapore event organiser:


  • Technological integration and innovation that help to create a dynamic, seamless and well round event, both online and in real life
  • Sustainability initiatives to show care and concern for the environment due to global warming
  • Government support and incentives to drive globalisation and international presence
  • High standards and quality assurance, whereby event venues are technologically equipped with modern state of the art facilities, and events are managed by experienced professionals
  • Adaptable to changing trends to highlight company’s dynamism and make the event more engaging and enjoyable

Technological Integration and Innovation

Singapore’s event management services industry is heavily focused on integrating modern, advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and data analytics.

These technologies enhance attendee experiences, streamline event planning operations, and offer innovative event management services solutions for virtual and hybrid events, which have become increasingly popular post-pandemic.

Here in Merry Media, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results as a prominent Singapore event organiser. We incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to drive audience engagement and ensure quality entertainment and audiovisuals. We provide technologies by supplying event photography services and other event management services such as event lighting rental and event sound system rental options.

Sustainability Initiatives

There is a strong emphasis on sustainability of event management services for all Singapore event organisers. Event organisers are prioritising eco-friendly practices, such as reducing waste, using renewable resources, and implementing green certification standards to minimise the environmental impact of events.

For example, most events require their guests to separate their trash – recyclable and general waste. Some events also prioritise the use of biodegradable bento kits to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness.

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Government Support and Incentives

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The Singaporean government actively supports the event management sector through various grants, subsidies, and incentives. Programs like the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) industry-support initiatives help in attracting international events and enhancing the global competitiveness of any Singapore Event Organiser.

High Standards and Quality Assurance

Singapore is known for its high standards in event management services, with a focus on quality assurance and professional excellence. The country boasts state-of-the-art venues, highly skilled professionals, and a robust infrastructure, making it a preferred destination for international events and conferences. This is why you are bound to find a skilled Singapore event organiser.

Need help with event planning and other event management services? Fret not, for Merry Media is your number 1 choice in providing quality service as a Singapore event organiser. We have been carrying out event management services for over a decade since 2013, completing over 3000+ successful projects and serving over a million guests.

Every time we provide our event management services, from the initial concept development to the execution phase, we work tirelessly to create a seamless and well-coordinated event that exceeds your expectations.

Adaptation to Changing Trends

The Event Management Services industry in Singapore is quick to adapt to emerging trends and changing consumer preferences. This includes a shift towards more personalised and interactive experiences, the incorporation of wellness elements into events, and a focus on creating engaging content to attract diverse audiences.

For example, many event management services incorporate Event Backdrop Services or LED fixtures that allow event guests to touch and play with. Furthermore, many event management services have hopped on the trendy bandwagon of providing photobooth services, due to the rise in popularity of photo booths in recent times.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and allow us to transform your event with our expertise and flawless execution!

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Merry Media has been in the industry for over a decade, working with clients from different industries and acquiring knowledge as we provide the solutions our clients need.

At Merry Media we also offer services other than event planning and event management services.

Other services include: audiovisual production, event sound system rental, event lighting rental, event backdrop services, social media marketing, 3D video animation, video production, video services, event photography, livestream services, other corporate event solutions as we act as a Singapore event organiser.

The list of talents we provide include: emcee for events (corporate event emcees, wedding emcees or dinner and dance emcees), live bands (contact us for live band pricing!), DJs, strings ensemble, event models for hire and brand ambassadors. We believe that all of these services intertwine with each other to provide a well-rounded, holistic experience for our clients.

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