Think back to about 10 years ago – did you purchase anything on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook? Most likely not.

Previously, social media platforms were used for the sole purpose of socialisation, as well as for following and meeting people of similar interests.

In recent years, many also found social media platforms as a medium to express themselves, a creative outlet for them to showcase their style, fashion and art. Taking ‘fit pictures’ (colloquial term for outfit pictures) used to be a mere hobby for many in the past; yet in today’s time and age, it can be an avenue for one to be a brand ambassador and make earnings from.


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Undoubtedly, the digital space is always evolving. As such, the evolution of social media marketing is not exempt to that evolution as well.

Curious as to how social media marketing for companies has evolved? Keep reading!

Here are 5 key points highlighting the evolution of social media marketing for companies:

  • Early Adoption and Organic Reach in the 2000s
  • Introduction of Paid Advertising in the 2010s
  • Influencer Marketing and User-Generated Content
  • Video Content and Live Streaming in Mid 2020s
  • AI, Personalisation, and E-commerce Integration in 2020s

Early Adoption and Organic Reach (2000s)

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In the early 2000s, social media platforms like MySpace and Facebook emerged, focusing primarily on personal connections and community building. Brands began to create profiles to engage with users organically, relying on the novelty and viral nature of content sharing to reach audiences without paid promotion.

An example of a brand that utilised social media marketing in the early 21st century is Coca Cola. Coca Cola was running a ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, which was featured in a Facebook Advertisement.

The Ad prompted Facebook users to make their own special Coke can, as well as share virtual cans of Coke with their friends.

The campaign was tremendously successful, such that the Facebook website saw an 870% increase in traffic and the Coca-Cola Facebook page had a 39% increase in followers.

Around 76,000 virtual cans were shared online, and 378,000 custom coke cans were printed across Australia.

Introduction of Paid Advertising (2010s)

As social media platforms grew, they introduced paid advertising options. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram developed sophisticated ad platforms, allowing brands to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours. Hence, this shift marked the beginning of data-driven social media marketing strategies.

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Influencer Marketing and User-Generated Content

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Are you familiar with “OG” Youtubers such as Michelle Phan, Lilly Singh, PewDiePie, Ryan Higa? The steady rise of influencers in the early 2000s (up till today!) on platforms like Instagram and YouTube transformed social media marketing for companies. From makeup brands reaching out to beauty influencers to gaming platforms reaching out to gaming streamers, YouTubers play a huge role in helping to promote novel brands to their audience masses by acting as brand ambassadors.

Brands started collaborating with influencers to leverage their reach and credibility. These influencers were acting as authentic brand ambassadors to their amassed following who trusted their recommendations. Additionally, user-generated content became a powerful Social Media Marketing tool, with brands encouraging customers to share their experiences and promote products authentically.

Here in Merry Media, we have experienced and trained brand ambassadors that can engage with your clients in a professional and engaging manner, effectively addressing their inquiries and providing valuable insights about your brand, product, or service.

Video Content and Live Streaming (Mid 2010s)

The mid-2010s saw a significant shift towards short-form video content, with platforms like Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and TikTok gaining popularity. Live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube allowed brands to engage with audiences in real-time, offering behind-the-scenes looks, Q&A sessions, and live events to boost engagement and authenticity.

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AI, Personalisation, and E-commerce Integration (2020s)

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled highly personalised social media marketing campaigns. Social media platforms now use AI to analyse user data and behaviour, providing tailored content and ads. Additionally, Social Media Marketing features like Instagram Shopping and Facebook Marketplace have integrated e-commerce directly into Social Media Marketing for Companies, allowing users to discover and purchase products seamlessly within the platforms

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Essentially, these points outline the major shifts and innovations in social media marketing over the years, illustrating its dynamic and rapidly evolving nature.

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