I am sure you have heard of the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Suffice to say, photos serve as a powerful mean to capture timeless moments and share unique stories. As such, event photography is indispensable at any event – it is a must have to remember a special day filled with joy, laughter and celebration.

Undoubtedly, there are specific do’s and don’ts when it comes to any event. With regards to event photography, here are some things to take note of:


  • Obtain necessary permission from venue vendor and respect individuals privacy
  • Having a competent, creative and collaborative photography team that works hand in hand with other event services such as light and videography
  • Use appropriate and efficient equipments, such fun and trending photobooths, onsite photo printing etc
  • Accurately capture the specific event atmosphere (formal, informal, commemoration, party, etc)
  • Ensure safety of audience by being mindful of equipments that could trip them (such as wires, tripods that could block the way, etc)


  • Ignoring venue rules and encroaching on individuals privacy
  • Using unauthorised material and commercial


Respect Venue Rules and Attendees’ Boundaries

An event photography team should seek permission and obtain approval to photograph in certain public or private locations, particularly for large events or venues that might have strict rules and restrictions.

It is imperative that they ask for permission before taking photos of individuals, especially in more personal or sensitive situations. They should also respect the wishes of those who prefer not to be photographed. Thus, this would ensure that all guests are comfortable and satisfied throughout the duration of the event.

Having a Competent, Creative and Collaborative Event Photography Team

First and foremost, an event photography team should be highly skilled. In addition, it is crucial that they demonstrate creative prowess and have a passion for their work.

Thinking of renting an event photography team for your next big event? Whether it’s a wedding event, corporate event or personal celebration, we are here to document the memorable memories.

Here in Merry Media, we have a team of fun and experienced photographers who are talented in capturing moments for you! Our additional service includes doing custom branding for you, expertly incorporating your events branding, logos, or themes into photo booth backdrops and prints.

Moreover, we have photography services that are especially tailored for you! Our team of photographers love to push creative boundaries – if you have a unique concept in mind, collaborate with us to discuss ways in which we can turn your ideas into visual reality.

There are a wide range of events our event photography team can work for. This includes event and conference photography, sporting photography and executive headshots.

High quality photos of events and conferences are delivered within 48 hours, with key photos for press release on the same day. Merry Media’s photographers always arrive early to capture great event setup shots of the venue and decor in detail before getting all the important event shots.

Moreover, we go above and beyond the usual sporting photography coverage for our clients. We have enabled our clients to fully leverage on the marketing aspects of their sporting events by providing additional services such as live broadcasting and onsite photo printing with branding messages.

Our event photography team works closely with the audiovisuals team (a service we also provide!) and this integration and close collaboration of different media help to seamlessly transform and elevate an event as lighting, sound, photography and videography can work hand in hand to ensure smooth entertainment, presentations, brand launches and more.

Use Appropriate and Efficient Equipment

Indisputably, good quality photos are taken by cameras of exceptional quality. Merry Media has cameras with outstanding functions such as bluetooth connected cameras. We have WiFi connected cameras in our arsenal, allowing our photographers to quickly send event photos (group shots, event space, etc.) wirelessly to the print station. Having state-of-the-art gadgets assist talented photographers by producing high resolution pictures with sheer vibrancy and colour that ultimately elevates their end product.

Photos are also able to be uploaded quickly to a predetermined online gallery where guests are able to access by scanning a QR Code. The QR Code can be printed onto the printed photos or distributed by flyers or posters around the venue. This is important as attendees can post these photos in real time on social media platforms, thus garnering attention and engagement in regards to the event.

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In recent years, photobooth pictures have been on an upward trend. These booths feature quirky and fun props, allowing event guests to take exciting and dynamic pictures. Having a photo booth section of your event will certainly bring fun to all guests, allowing them to capture funny and unforgettable memories.

Capture the Atmosphere

An event photography team should exert utmost focus and effort in capturing the essence and mood of the event, including candid moments, interactions, and key highlights. This provides a more comprehensive and engaging visual story of the occasion.

Ensure Safety

It is important that the event photography team’s actions and equipment setup do not pose any safety risks to event guests. They should be mindful of cables, tripods, and other gear that could cause accidents in crowded environments.


Ignoring Rules and Encroaching On Guests’ Privacy

Many venues have specific rules regarding photography, such as no-flash zones or restrictions on professional equipment. Event photography teams should always follow these guidelines to avoid penalties or ejection.

Moreover, they should ensure that they only take pictures of those who gave consent to being photographed. Some guests are more shy, or just simply do not like being photographed. Hence, the event photography team should exercise sensitivity and understanding while they carry out their work.

How to Monetise from Pictures

An event photography team should not use event photos for commercial purposes without obtaining the necessary rights and permission, especially if the images feature recognisable individuals or branded content.

In need of an event photography team for your next event? Get in touch with us and allow us to capture priceless memories for you and your loved ones!

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At Merry Media we also offer services other than event photography services.

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