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In our last article, Why Social Media Marketing is Essential for Businesses in Singapore?, we talked about the reasons why social media marketing is essential in Singapore. We mentioned that instead of blindly following other businesses, it would be prudent and wise to engage a social media marketing company that will add substance into your content. 

In other words, we believe that it is important to look beyond the tip of the iceberg and understand more about social media and how you can use social media to your advantage. 

Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory

I am sure that you would have seen repeated videos come up on your Social Media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, right? These repeated videos may not even be the original but have been reposted, duet-ed and recreated. These videos that are in constant circulation are called Viral Videos. 

On the surface, as we simply click and scroll to see these viral videos on our social media platforms, they seem like easy content to create, but did you know that a lot of effort goes into creating the next viral video?  

This can be seen depicted in Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory where only 10% of the structure is visible, while the concealed 90% beneath the surface represents the extensive effort invested to reveal that visible 10% to the audience. Similarly, in the process of creating a viral video, the audience may not perceive the considerable effort invested in its production, but just the 10% that is visible to them.

Having said that, we would like to use Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory as it truly resonates with Merrymedia’s marketing beliefs, in particular social media marketing pipeline at Merrymedia.

Did you know that the pursuit of becoming the Next Viral Video comes with an extensive amount of marketing research to comprehend past, current and upcoming trends most likely enjoyed by your targeted audience, hours of brainstorming sessions to ensure there is an alignment of the trends with the client’s overarching marketing strategy and, finally creating their desired social media content. 

It is our high priority that our client’s needs are met and that the agreed upon strategy adds value to your business and improves your visibility in Singapore’s marketing space. Merrymedia firmly believes that marketing strategies such as Regular Posting, Advertisements and Influencer Collaborations must seamlessly intertwine for social media marketing to succeed in Singapore; becoming the game changer your brand needed. If you want to find out more about the service we offer, check out our Merrymedia website and take a look at other aspects that we provide under our Social Media Marketing services!

We believe you are well-acquainted with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram but are you aware that these familiar social media platforms can help measure the success of your social media posts through metrics such as likes, comments and shares? There are many other benefits too! Let us venture into some of the features of Facebook’s Meta Business Suite and subsequently explore Instagram as well. 

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Features offered by Meta Business Suite

  1. Likes, Comments and Shares Insights 
  2. Audience Insights
  3. Benchmark success 

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1. Likes, Comments and Shares Insights

The number of likes, comments and shares serve as indicators of the rate of engagement. Overtime, the cumulative data becomes a valuable tool for tracking the overall growth of your business. By drawing out relationships between your targeted audience and the content that resonates with them, you can then tailor your content accordingly to address your targeted audience’s interest. If you have read our past article – Why Social Media Marketing is Essential for Businesses in Singapore, you will understand more about the various demographics in

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Singapore and the crucial role of personalising content.

2. Audience Insights

The audience insights functions include data such as Page Summary, Most Recent posts and Pages to watch. These functions provide you with a gauge of your social media page’s growth and indicate the level of effort required in your marketing. They serve as a guide to assess whether your current marketing efforts align with the overarching marketing strategy for your business. 

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3. Benchmark Success

Lastly, did you know that you can utilise Meta Business Suite to compare your social media page’s metric performance against others and measure your page’s success rate? This robust tool enables you to choose your business category and compile the list of businesses for tracking and comparison. Furthermore, unlocking significant value because you can see how well your business is doing as compared to your competitors. This flexibility aids the growth of your business strategy according to your preferences. This also serves as a benchmark for your business to surpass competitor’s content and follower rates. 

Doesn’t Meta Business Suite sound promising? It certainly appealed to us! Standing from the perspective of a fellow Singapore business owner, I can truly understand how useful Meta Business Suite is as a social media tool and for marketing in Singapore! All necessary information is readily available, requiring only the extraction of relevant insights. And the best part? Meta Business Suite is free! Afterall, after having to bleed so much money in establishing a company in Singapore, the last thing you would want is to allocate another substantial sum for another platform right? 

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We are certain that Instagram is a familiar platform to you – many of us utilise it to capture and share photos on our social media feeds. However, are you aware that Instagram introduced a new feature for business accounts in 2014, known as Business Analytics Insights. It is not just available in Singapore, but worldwide! So, my fellow business owners, you are in luck as all you have to do is simply slide and switch it over to the business suite and *voila* you can start tracking the weekly performance of your business’ instagram page! 

Business Analytics by Instagram

  1. Open your instagram app, go to your profile and tap on the professional dashboard
  2. On the professional dashboard page, there is an account insights, tap “see all”
  3. Features such as *Content Overview, *Accounts Reached, *Engagements, *Total Followers, *Content Shared will appear for you to choose from.

*You may select a timeframe to view the respective statistics for these features.

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Taking a load off your shoulders with Social Media Marketing in Singapore

With a better understanding of the features provided by social media platforms, we hope you have come to appreciate how its functions are inherently customer-centric. The analytics offered by social media play a crucial role in addressing unseen efforts, such as content strategy development, alignment with social strategy, analytics review and integration with the overall marketing strategy. 

Utilising the analytics provided by social media platforms, such as Facebook’s Business Meta Suite and Instagram, allow you to consistently monitor fluctuating statistics, ensuring that your business is in the know of the changes of your social media page. This proactive approach aims to make your content go viral and foster the growth of your business within the social media platform’s community. In essence, Merrymedia can be your experienced personal assistant who will help you curate a well thought out plan allowing your business to harness its full potential to build brand awareness and foster customer loyalty. 

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