How to choose the right video production company in Singapore?

Hello! If you are looking at our article you must be facing problems in choosing the right video production company in Singapore. As fellow Singapore-based business operators ourselves, we understand the importance of choosing a video production company who have professional and accommodating staff.

At Merry Media, we believe that openness and clear communication is essential for building trust and fostering strong and long-lasting relationships. We place emphasis on understanding your company’s specific requirements, objectives and vision. This is to ensure that your company chooses the most appropriate video production company that aligns with your brand identity.

Have you discussed your budget?

There is a common belief that a larger budget will guarantee a better video production company especially in Singapore’s context where the cost of living is high. However, with the high number of video production companies in Singapore that offer a diverse range of services, you are sure to find an ideal match regardless of your budget level.

At MerryMedia, what sets us apart is our openness to discuss, as we are looking forward to a mutually beneficial and agreeable outcome! Our first meeting sets up the foundation to the professional relationship we are able to build upon it.

Have you planned the content you set out to produce?

It is important to set clear expectations that define your goals and objectives of the video. Keeping a vision in mind helps us convey your desired creative ideas and enable our video production team to effectively incorporate your ideas and brand story into the video. Additionally, a rough content plan will assist in setting realistic timelines, ensuring the video project can be produced and delivered on time. 

In most cases that companies approach us for social media marketing purposes, the main questions that need to be answered are: 

  • What is the duration of the video you need? (most likely around 30s, depending on the social media platform)
  • Which social media platform is the video intended to be posted on? 
  • What is the purpose of the video? (brand introduction, specific product introduction, informative video, etc.)
  • Is it an indoor or outdoor shoot?
  • Do you have any videography equipment to be used in mind?

Have you reviewed the portfolio of the team?


Past client testimonials serve as part of the company’s portfolio and it shows the customers’ experience as well as the video production team’s expertise. Our team at Merry Media having years of experience in video production, will be able to suggest and value-add to your initial concept through their input and comments. In this case, it is definitely a big green flag to say yes to the video production company who does not just say “no” but is able to build upon the idea and find alternatives to create a video project you are satisfied with.  

It is important to refer to testimonials but a video portfolio is what truly reflects the end product! Reviewing a video production company’s videos will help you to evaluate the creative team’s expertise and technological proficiency. A proficient, innovative team will bring your vision to life. When watching the video, you should also be able to infer the proposed theme and concept. Additionally, equipment and technologies used provide insights to the video’s professionalism. PS: You may also look at the company’s social media

Have you discussed the deadline?

We recommend factoring some wriggle period when stating the actual deadline just in case of unforeseeable incidents or circumstances such as unforeseen technical glitches or the usual creative revisions. Factoring extra time will accommodate these unforeseen hiccups. Furthermore, it also enables the team to take the adequate amount of time to refine their ideas and enhance the overall creative output rather than just rushing through projects. 

Lastly, establishing a deadline reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding between you and the video production company, leading to a more relaxed and creative atmosphere. Here at Merry Media, we look forward to forging a meaningful relationship with you!

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We hope that you are able to curate a checklist with the above guidelines to ensure you select the most appropriate video production company for you! In the meantime, do check out Merry Media’s Instagram and Facebook! We are an all rounded company that does Social Media and Social Media Marketing Singapore. Take a look at some of our projects and success stories! Contact us now!


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