Choosing the Ideal AV Production for Your Conference

Audiovisual (AV) Production is a must-have at any conference.

AV technology enhances real virtual meetings by providing visual aids and ensuring clear sound quality. This leads to better engagement and comprehension and better communication and collaboration.

As such, it is crucial to select the most suitable AV production to ensure the success of your conference. Need help selecting an ideal AV production? Here are some guidelines to help you out:

  • Check portfolio and reputability to ensure that your audiovisual services are handled by a skilled crew
  • Ensure that the team are able to provide good service and possess your desired level of technical capabilities to ensure that they can provide a seamless audiovisual experience at your event
  • Discuss with the team to find out if they are flexible, creative and highly customisable in terms of how your brand or company wishes to showcase its creative flair
  • Thorough talk over all the services provided, from the start of the consultation to the end of event, so that you not only ease your company’s financial burden but you truly know what you’re paying for without incurring additional fees

Reputable with Excellent Portfolio

It is important to take some time to review and access a particular AV production company’s portfolio of past events by asking for references to gauge their experience and reliability in managing similar conferences in Singapore.

Similarly, a simple Google search to read up on their reviews can work in a pinch. Google reviews are perfect when you don’t have time to do your due diligence, yet you should also be aware that it does not fully encapsulate the potential of a company’s audiovisual service.

Since 2016, Merry Media has been the go-to provider of exceptional audio and visual production services by providing corporate event solutions for events and conferences. We take pride in delighting our clients with reliable and top-of-the-line equipment, creating the perfect ambience for not just conferences, but product launches, celebrations, and dinner and dance events as well. Additionally, we provide excellent video production services to ensure that your company has sophisticated visuals at your conference event.

Our state of the art equipment include high quality cameras with clear and sharp event sound systems rental services.

Quality Service and Technical Capabilities

To ensure that your conference runs smoothly, it is pivotal to ascertain that the AV production company has the technical expertise and modern equipment needed to handle all aspects of your conference, including event sound system rental, event lighting rental, video services, and live streaming services.

Confirm that the company offers comprehensive corporate event solutions, including pre-event setup, planning, on-site support, and post-event follow-up, to ensure seamless integration and execution of all AV elements mentioned above.

On the day of the conference, Merry Media’s Event Lighting Rental and Event Sound System Rental team manages the complete setup, operation and dismantling of the lighting and sound equipment and systems. Our technicians remain on-site to handle any lighting or sound adjustments or resolve any technical issues so as to ensure that the conference can be carried out smoothly.

Furthermore, rest assured that you are in good hands! Our audiovisual team is highly experienced and professional, with years of experience in their respective fields.

Flexible, Creative and Highly Customisable

It is prime that you also choose a company that can tailor its services to your specific needs (our event lighting rental, video services and event sound system rental teams are highly adaptable!), offering flexible corporate event solutions and custom setups that align with your conference goals and venue requirements.

Merry Media’s event lighting rental and event sound system rental team have worked hard to be highly competent and gifted so that they can work closely with any corporation to understand your conferences’ visions and thereafter provide the ideal corporate event solutions by making the necessary design arrangements and creating an audio visual setup to cater to your needs.

Affordable Packages and Pricing Options

Budget is always a concern when it comes to planning events and conferences.

Fret not, for our audiovisual production options such as event lighting rental and event sound system rental is reasonable and cost-effective! Both our event lighting rental package and sound system rental packages are designed to be flexible and budget friendly, whilst still providing quality service.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and allow us to bring your conference to greater heights with our top-notch audiovisual production services.

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Merry Media has been in the industry for over a decade, working with clients from different industries and acquiring knowledge as we provide the solutions our clients need.

At Merry Media we also offer services other than audiovisual production.

Other services include: event planning and event management services, event sound system rental, event lighting rental, event backdrop services, social media marketing, 3D video animation, video production, video services, event photography, livestream services, other corporate event solutions as we act as a Singapore event organiser.

The list of talents we provide include: emcees for events (corporate event emcees, wedding emcees or dinner and dance emcees), live bands (contact us for live band pricing!), DJs, strings ensemble, event models for hire and brand ambassadors. We believe that all of these services intertwine with each other to provide a well-rounded, holistic experience for our clients.

Feel free to contact us today for any inquiries!

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