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How to Choose the Perfect Live Band for Your Singapore Event

Louis Armstrong, a famous American trumpeter and vocalist posited that “Music is life itself”. This adage simply highlights music’s powerful influence – it has the ability to showcase and represent reality through an artistic form. Consequently, it is cardinal to find a live band that would best suit your event, skilfully bringing exciting and dynamic […]

A Guide to Dinner and Dance Emcees in Singapore

Dinner and Dance events are an opportunity to celebrate, connect and create lasting memories. These events could include company anniversary dinners, company annual dinners, client appreciation events and more. It is undeniable that an energetic and captivating dinner and dance emcee is pivotal in kickstarting a soiree and creating a lively, engaging and memorable night […]

The Importance of Having an Emcee for Events in Singapore

Events are massive, extravagant affairs that are meant to be a lot of fun; even in the case of professional events which, if not fun, are supposed to be pleasing to the attendees at the very least. As much pleasure these events can bring for those who attend them, every event planning involves a ton […]