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The Rising Demand for Live Entertainment at Events in Singapore

Have you ever gone to an event and thoroughly enjoyed dancing and singing to the live music playing? Or perhaps your stomach started to hurt from laughing due to a witty emcee’s joke? Undoubtedly, live entertainment adds a dynamic and memorable touch to events. Be it emcees, live singers/bands, opening acts or DJs, they all […]

Choosing the Ideal AV Production for Your Conference

Choosing the Ideal AV Production for Your Conference Audiovisual (AV) Production is a must-have at any conference. AV technology enhances real virtual meetings by providing visual aids and ensuring clear sound quality. This leads to better engagement and comprehension and better communication and collaboration. As such, it is crucial to select the most suitable AV […]

The Role of Brand Ambassadors in Singapore’s Event Scene

Think of Brand Ambassadors like a mascot for events. They are the embodiment and representative of a brand, serving as the first line of introduction to people who are novel to it. Brand ambassadors are usually influential individuals who have a significant impact on their big following base. Their audience members hold them in high […]