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Producing Effective Business Videos on a Budget in Singapore

Business videos can be a great way to elevate one’s brand and boost marketing. However, producing high quality and efficacious business videos may prove to be quite costly. Yet, it is still possible to create effective business videos on a budget. Here’s how: Leverage affordable, high-quality equipment and software so as to save more costs […]

Measuring the ROI of Corporate Video Production in Singapore

Return of Investment, also known as ROI, is a key component related to business investments and helps to measure how well they have performed. In simple terms, ROI is the revenue directly driven by your marketing efforts, minus the money you spent on social media marketing and any other marketing. Wondering how to measure the […]

Tips for Producing a Seamless Live Stream for your Brand or Business in Singapore

In today’s digital age, live streams are a popular social media Marketing strategy adopted by brands and businesses around the world. Credit: Freepik Producing a seamless live stream for your brand or business in Singapore involves careful planning and execution. Here are five tips to help ensure your live stream runs smoothly: Invest in quality […]

Reviewing Social Media Marketing Tools: What Works Best?

Over the years, marketing has become a key component of social media. As such, efficient social media marketing demands proper tools which not only saves time but also enhances strategy execution and performance tracking. Social media marketing for companies can include categories such as scheduling, analytics, engagement, listening, and monitoring. All these social media marketing […]

How to Plan a Seamless Corporate Event

Corporate events range from conventions to board meetings, to product launches to dinner and dance events and team building retreats. Undoubtedly, these events require meticulous planning, corporate event solutions and hard work. Need help planning a seamless corporate event? Here are some corporate event solutions: Define objectives and goals to ensure that event management services […]

Expert Insights: The State of Event Management in Singapore

Events take place everyday, all around the world. They are roughly approached in the same manner, be it locally or internationally. However, there are some minor, unique elements with regards to the state of event management services in our tiny red dot. Interested in the condition of event management services in Singapore? Keep reading to […]

Expert Insights: The Evolution of Social Media Marketing

Think back to about 10 years ago – did you purchase anything on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook? Most likely not. Previously, social media platforms were used for the sole purpose of socialisation, as well as for following and meeting people of similar interests. In recent years, many also found social media […]

Case Study: Social Media Marketing Success for a Local Brand

Have you heard of local brands such as Lovet, The Style Soiree, Blairwears, Mikayla and Beyond the Vines? And these are just some examples of many popular, local brands in Singapore. There has been a steady rise in local businesses in Singapore. Thanks to social media platforms and the ubiquity of social media marketing for […]